Outlook 2007 PST repair

Outlook 2007 PST repair tool is an powerful application which gives you the complete solution to repiar your corrupted and damnaged PST files with ease and less effort.

Powerful Outlook PST Recovery Tool to Recover and Protect Your PST File

The latest version of Outlook's PST comes with 4GB of maximum storage capacity, when a PST file across its storage limitation, sometimes this may produces result in corruption. The size of PST file may exceeded according to it usages, when Outlook users stores a lots of data more than its storage limitations, it may gives problems while accessing. As we know Outlook uses ANSI PST and Unicode format to store PST documents files. In the older version of Outlook, supports only 2 GB size limitation, but newer version in Outlook the size limitation has been exceeded up-to 4 GB according to the usages of Outlook application.

But some times when it automatically gets extra in its storage capacity or cross its limitation after storing more data, this may get corrupted. So in order to avoid this situation you should have to spit your pst file using 4GB Outlook PST recovery Tool that you to split your PST flile into several smaller pst file.


Some users try to upgrading their PST file in order to access the large file size limitation, but still they fails to resolve such problem and may faced difficulties, when a PST files got corrupted due to oversized issues. If a PST file totally corrupted or become inaccessible then the only a third party PST repair tool left to solve such problems.

When a PST file has been reached its maximum size limitations its may gives following errors:

  • Unable to deliver emails.
  • Unable to send emails due unknown error.
  • Difficulty in accessing emails.
  • Outlook unable to send PST files.
  • PST has reached its highest limitation.
  • unable to open File can not be opened.

In order to fix this problem you can use 4GB Outlook PST recovery Tool that easily repair your Outlook data which were corrupted due to oversized or another data loss problems. This advanced PST repair tool uses advanced algorithm and especially designed to fix Outlook errors. This easily restore all PST items and supports all version Windows OS.