Outlook 2007 PST repair

Outlook 2007 PST repair tool is an powerful application which gives you the complete solution to repiar your corrupted and damnaged PST files with ease and less effort.

Use 4GB corrupted PST file Repair Tool in Case of PST Corruption

MS Outlook is an email client application that is widely used by users as a personal information manager. This email client application offers their users many things to do such as sending and receiving emails, messages, appointment, attachments, journals, notes etc. User can use Outlook application as an individual email-client application like as having a general mailboxes to save personal and public folders, contacts, meeting time, and tasks.

Outlook 2007 allow users to save a PST file with maximum storage capacity of up to 4 GB. But in older version of Outlook only supports up to 2 GB of PST files. PST files quickly oversized if users store large amount of data in it. Due to over-sized issue in PST file there is chance of data loss problems. If your PST file has been crossed its maximum 4 GB capacity and your PST file become inaccessible, you should first spit your PST file to prevent corruption in your PST file. At that time you can need 4GB corrupted PST file Repair Tool that helps you repair your oversized PST files.


Once your PST file has exceeded its maximum 4 GB limitations, it may corrupted and you may face unpredictable problems like your system runs slow and your PC performance will be affected. When your system is busy in processing a large file of Outlook, a minor changes in your PST file may can cause PST corruption.

In such situation you have to reduce the size of your PST file to avoid this problem. But if your mailbox or PST file has been already damaged due to oversized problem, you need an advanced Outlook PST recovery tool to repair your PST file.

4GB corrupted PST file Repair Tool is easy to use that is especially designed to repair damaged PST file which were damaged due to software problems, unexpected system behavior, oversized problems, virus attacks etc. This PST recovery software comes with several built-in algorithms which is capable to repair PST file with its original properties to compare the results.